Difficult Plumbing Problems
We Fix Difficult Plumbing Problems That Stump The Others


Whether the plumbing problem is commercial or residential, Ray May Plumbing is the best choice for those in Los Angeles County or the Inland Empire.

Difficult Plumbing Problems – No Problem!

Because we have more than half a century of experience, we have seen more than our share of difficult plumbing problems.

We have an outstanding reputation, and many customers make the first call to Ray May Plumbing.

After more than six decades in business, we are proud to say there has never been a plumbing problem we cannot fix.

Our plumbers and the Ray May family can repair, replace, or remodel anything put in their path.

Since the start of Ray May Plumbing in 1961, Mr. May worked to instill a work ethic, honesty, accountability, integrity, and service in his family and his employees. Now, Mr. Ray would be proud to see that he has three generations of his family working honestly and treating each customer with a sense of family.