Ray May Plumbing Store Front
Knowledgeable Customer Service Agents and Fair Price Estimates


At Ray May Plumbing we treat our customers like family and provide them with knowledgeable customer service agents to answer their questions and fair price estimates on all services and products.

Price Estimates For A Plumbing Repair or a Remodel

Currently, Ray May Plumbing dispatches one of the company’s owners to provide the price estimates for remodels. Because he has over three decades of experience with remodels and plumbing repair work, our customers benefit greatly.

For example, when choosing a faucet, Ray May wants to make sure our customer has the option of a custom faucet that is unique or matching a faucet with a towel rack, shower door, vanity, and toilet hardware. Your bathroom can be exactly the way you want it!

Consult With Experience and Get What You Want!

Along with a Fair Price Estimate

Our extensive experience allows us to provide the customer with guidance that leads to a final outcome that is exactly what the customer wants.

Ensuring that the customer will get what they want the first time allows us to save costs and provide customers with a fair price estimate for the job.

We will consult with each customer in detail to ensure everything from paint, flooring, light switches, sinks, cabinets, countertops, moldings, trim, grout, and appliances match the desired theme the customer requests. Your kitchen can be exactly the way you want it!