Burst Pipe
Burst Pipe Repair


All of a sudden, your pipe has burst! Take a breather and keep yourself together. There is nothing worse than a rattled mind. When the weather turns cold, and temperatures go below freezing in the Mountain Communities, the chance of your iron pipe bursting is not uncommon. A pipe repair kit is handy to have in the case of an emergency.

Burst Pipe Repair: A Temporary Solution

The weather is freezing, and suddenly, you have found yourself with a burst pipe. How do you perform an emergency burst pipe repair when your iron pipe has unexpectedly ruptured from the blistering cold winter? This type of incident could prove to be unnerving for the unprepared.

Preparing For A Burst Pipe

Being adequately equipped with the right tools and knowledge of how to use the tools is the first step to combat a burst pipe.

You will need a pipe repair kit and a few basic tools to sustain a burst pipe until you have a Ray May Plumber fix the pipe permanently.

Purchase the Proper Tools to Repair A Burst Pipe From the Ray May Plumbing Showroom

Four Steps To Follow During Burst Pipe Repair:

  1. Shut off the water supply from the main valve or the valve controlling the flow of water to the burst pipe.
  2. Cover the burst pipe with a rubber sleeve to prevent a water leak. Make sure to center the rubber sleeve over the burst pipe.
  3. Apply the pipe repair clamp over the rubber sleeve to hold it securely and observe for any water leaks.
  4. Call Ray May Plumbing; our plumbers will solve your burst pipe problem.

Keep in mind the repair that you make using the burst pipe repair kit is only a temporary solution to a burst pipe.

You will not want to be caught with a bigger headache. Entrust your burst pipe repair to a professional plumbing company like Ray May Plumbing before it is too late.