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How to Buy a Faucet


Actually, the reasons for the water leak at your home can vary a lot. Depending on how old (or durable) your pipes and plumbing...

So it is Time to Buy a Faucet

Designing a bathroom can easily become a truly daunting task, especially if space and cost are of concern. There’s a whole multitude of different decisions that need to be taken when we’re talking about a bathroom redesign.

So usually this (relatively) simple process complicates things to decide, like choosing a faucet, to proper plumbing and selecting a vanity. The following tips are designed to help you make the most of your new bathroom looks.

Some Types of faucets

Traditionally a bathroom sink uses a single central-mount faucet.

Which, in turn, has a single lever or two handles. Central-mount models are good for three-hole sinks specifically. So keep this in mind when you’ll be assessing your bathroom’s styling.

When it leaks, it pours and you need a plumber just like you need an umbrella.

Then again, the wall-mounted faucets have spouts that are longer and are designed specifically to extend far enough over the bowl. That’s so they reach the vessel-style or freestanding sink.

As your third option for a bathroom faucet, single-hole faucets have both the spout and handles combined into one universal fixture.

This kind of solution is a perfect way of dealing with the sinks which are small in size.

When you buy a faucet there are many types to choose from.


If your bathroom’s space is restricted to a small size, then the vanity provides a great opportunity to cut on some extra space.

A pedestal or wall mount sink will work just great, in a situation when space is a concern.

An under-mount sink is relatively easy to clean up, simply because those do not collect much dirt.

However,  you’ll need a waterproof countertop. Under-mount sinks can also be pricey and more difficult to get installed, so keep this little obstacle in mind when purchasing it.

a pedestal sink with faucet


While, without any doubt, porcelain is the classic material for bathroom sinks, it is not the only option out there.

Glass and stainless steel sinks often come at a much more attainable, reasonable price level. Also, damage-wise, they’re much more durable long-term.

Those are also the most popular choices for modern designs, such as vessel sinks that look like bowls and pitchers.

It is important to remember that sinks made out of glass are too fragile and will not live through any heavy object hitting them or falling at them.

All in all, whether you want a hand with your bathroom redesign, need helpful DIY plumbing tips, or advice on a faucet repair or install, our company’s plumbing experts can help!

They will be your guides and plumbing fairies in all of the residential plumbing needs that you might ever have!