Pipe and Slab Leak Detection

Pipe and Slab Leak Detection

When you are dealing with a slab leak caused by water or gas, taking timely action is crucial…

Our company has over four decades of leak detection experience, and we can detect any leak with our state of the art leak detection equipment.

Ray May Plumbing can perform leak detection services under slabs, within gas lines, find underground water leaks, and line tracing.

We offer state of the art leak detection services to pinpoint the exact location of your leak, preventing the need to tear up your whole slab or dig in unnecessary areas.

Slab leak detection

The precise location of your leak is the most important objective when performing leak detection services under slabs, and underground. It saves time and money.



Electronic and Radio Leak Detection

We have all of the necessary equipment to conduct leak detection using electronic and radio methods.

  • We can send a radio transmitter line down the pipe and detect the leak with a radio frequency from the surface.
  • We have electronic equipment we can hook onto a line that sends a signal through the line to detect the exact location of the leak.

The great thing about our electronic and radio leak detection services is our ability to detect a leak on pipes from less than ½” up to 12” diameter pipes and up to 1200 feet from the inlet.

Wireless slab leak detection


After a water leak, we carefully monitor and document the drying process. This process ensures that your property has dried and all the water damage and leaking are properly fixed once and for all…

How Do I Know If I Have A Slab Leak or a Gas Leak?

You may have a slab leak or a gas leak if you notice the following in your house, commercial or residential building:

  • a wet or soggy floor in your home;
  • an excessively high water bill; or,
  • a high gas bill.

If you hear water running constantly or smell an odor of gas (typically gas smells like pungent garlic), you may want to contact us and have us diagnose your plumbing system.

What Causes Slab Leaks?

Many situations can create a slab leak. The most common causes of a slab leak are:

    • You may have piping that was originally installed poorly.
    • The expansion of the earth and concrete due to increases and decreases in temperature.
    • Extremely contaminated or warm soil may lead to a burst pipe underground, or merely a pinhole.
    • The PH in the water in Southern California may be affecting your pipes.

Another cause of a slab leak, especially for those that live in the vicinity of Mt. Baldy, there may be the heated water coming from the water heater to the faucet. Because a pipe can expand when heated and contract when it cools, the hot water traveling through the pipe causes the pipe to expand, and as the pipe cools down, it will contract. During this process of expansion and contraction, the pipe can acquire a pinhole leak. These changes tend to warp floors, create damp carpet, create mildew and mold, and increase water and gas bills.

Ray May Plumbing Can Detect, Diagnose, and Repair Slab Leaks Efficiently

How To Recognize A Slab or Gas Leak?

The best way to determine if you have a gas or water leak to:

If you suspect a leak, shut off all valves inside and outside the building except the main valve (the main valve is usually located near the edge of your property closest to the street).

After shutting off the proper valves (either water or gas depending on what you are checking for), look at the meter that corresponds to the main valve and check if the meter on the valve is still moving. If the meter is still moving it is extremely likely, you have a slab leak, underground leak, or a gas leak somewhere in the system.

If The Meter For The Main Valve Is Still Moving After Shutting Off All Other Valves You Have A Leak.

For leak detection service or repair, or any plumbing issue contact Ray May Plumbing, and we will be happy to send a leak detection technician to the source of your plumbing problem and diagnose your particular situation.

Ray May Plumbers can diagnose and repair your slab leak quickly, saving you money and time without unnecessary demolition.